Pink Lemonade Flavored Vodka

Smooth 42 Craft Distillery
Brownlee, SK



Volume per unit: 750 ml
Alcohol per Vol: 22.5%

Price: $29.99 / item including taxes

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  • All natural ingredients.
  • Easy drinking.
  • Brilliant color

Real Strawberries, Real Lemonade, Real Good Vodka!

Smooth 42 did it again, with this simple yet delicious flavored vodka made with all natural ingredients

You may recall the Pink Whitney craze of 2019 when liquor stores couldn't keep the product in stock. Without having tried Pink Whitney, the master distiller at Smooth 42 decided to come up with a new product to fill the gap. The result was an intensely flavorful infusion of real strawberries blended with lemonade, a dash of natural cane sugar and Smooth 42's exceptional vodka.

Shortly after they launched the product they found out that their Pink Lemonade Flavored Vodka tastes nothing like Pink Whitney, but by all accounts is a drastic improvement! This spirit pours like a ready-made cocktail and flaunts a rich pink blush, luscious strawberry aroma, and a tangy lemon finish that’s sure to spice up the mood in a chilly winter night.

Pink Lemonade can be enjoyed straight up or form the base for the perfect sangria or sparkling lemonade. There are zero artificial flavor additives, food coloring or preservatives in this product! For the latest cocktail ideas and customer reviews check out Smooth 42's Facebook Page here:

This product comes in a case of 12 x 750 mL bottles. You must be at least 19 years of age to order and show proof of age on delivery.

Who is Smooth 42?

Smooth 42 Craft Distillery is widely known as Saskatchewan’s most innovative distillery since the launch of their patent pending CRE8 Eco Vodka, the most versatile and economically priced vodka in Canada!

The owners, Sacha Elez and Adam Dombowsky, come from humble beginnings. Sacha was a pilot in the Canadian Forces and Adam was a journeyman carpenter before they paired up to start Smooth 42.

Adam and Sacha chose Brownlee, SK (half an hour NW of Moose Jaw) to be the home of their distillery, where they purchased a 20,000 sq ft curling rink from the town for $1. They spent over a year fixing up the place by hand, on a shoestring budget, and were licensed by the SLGA in Feb 2018 to produce craft spirits.

A month later they came out with their first batch Handcrafted Saskatchewan Vodka and have since expanded their line to include a wide variety of top-shelf offerings.

When COVID 19 hit, Smooth 42 was the first distillery in SK to switch to making medical grade hand sanitizer and donated over $75,000 worth of supplies to emergency services across the province. They now specialize in producing a child friendly spray-on liquid sanitizer called Little Hands, which is also available here on Splitsies.

In 2020, Smooth 42 was featured on the season’s premiere of Dragons’ Den (watch here: where they (spoiler alert) had competing offers from 5 dragons, eventually striking up a deal with Arlene Dickinson and Michele Romanow, their two favorite dragons!

Smooth 42 products are widely regarded as exceptionally smooth, premium quality spirits at budget conscious prices. We're honored to be able to offer their locally produced liquor products, shipped right to your door, for less than you would pay at the liquor store! Give their stuff a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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